Rogues’ Gallery Series

bemyloverCFBe My Lover

Book 2 in the Rogues’ Gallery series.

Anthony Dyson, Duke of Bradford, doesn’t believe his father committed suicide, even after the scandal drives him from London. Now he’s back, ready to face his responsibilities and carry on the Dyson name. When an enticing invitation from childhood sweetheart Emily Martin lands in his lap, he agrees to be her lover. He’s secretly desired Emily for years and this is his chance to fulfill his utmost fantasies, but her inability to produce an heir stays him from proposing to the one woman who has captured his heart.

After inheriting a fortune, Emily Martin vows to remain single—and as the widow of a country parson she has only one goal in mind. Ultimate pleasure. Who better to help her experience wantonness than her dear friend, Anthony Dyson? In exchange for his protection, she’ll help him find a suitable bride. But being with Anthony—in bed and out—proves to be more than she bargained for, especially once she uncovers the dangerous truth behind his father’s death.

temporarymistress_msrTemporary Mistress

Book 1 in the Rogues’ Gallery series

Brokenhearted after the death of his wife and infant son, Phillip Graves—Viscount Danbury—lives only for pleasure, changing his mistress every few months. After his mistress-to-be is indisposed, he acquires a temporary replacement who, to his surprise, offers him something he never thought to find—a second chance at love.After being forced on the streets by her late father, Franny Talbot is desperate to escape the whoring life. The chance to be under an aristocrat’s temporary protection gives her more than a path to freedom, though. Philip’s skilled lessons in sensuality show Franny all the delicious and titillating ways a man can possess a woman. And she unexpectedly finds herself falling in love with a man who can never truly be hers.

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